Knitted textures as triggers

Tried to work with different textures and techniques that the knitting machine provides.

In this one, the soft furry extrusions act as conductive switches they can be triggered by placing conductive objects on them. The surface is interesting to touch.

I have included Step by step process pictures in the new “Making Of” page in the blog. Please check it out to see how this was constructed.

Pocket trigger

Pocket trigger is a knitted pouch that acts differently according to the objects that you put in it.

The pocket can sense if the object is conductive or not. It can also measure the size and maybe weight of the object depending on how much it causes the pocket to stretch.

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Tie-a-knot trigger

This tying trigger has 4 legs. One leg acts as the positive and the other three correspond to three different actions. Tie the positive leg with any of the other legs on to the same conductive object to activate the desired action.

In this prototype the legs are connected to the RGB LED. Thus each of the three legs correspond to a different color. Try different tying combinations and find appropriate objects to trigger different color!

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the led shows green light here(top).